Initial Assessment: £35 (40 min)

Follow up Treatment: £30 (25 min)

Acupuncture: £35 (25 mins)

Sports Massage £25 (25 mins)

Payment Terms

1. LDS Physiotherapy needs to inform the client about their payment terms in order that they are clear and the focus is on the client’s treatment.

Unless an approved third party has guaranteed the clients account, it must be settled in full on the day of treatment.

Where an approved third party i.e medical insurance company or legal representative has guaranteed the clients account, payments are to be settled following the completion of the course of physiotherapy (maximum 6 sessions) whereby costs incurred will be invoiced to the approved third party. Further sessions can be arranged but only following authorisation from the approved third party for a course of < 6 sessions as required.

 Methods of Payment

2. LDS Physiotherapy accepts all major credit and debits cards, excluding American Express at our clinics. We can also accept cash and bank transfers. Bank transfers must be made in advance such that funds are cleared on the day of treatment.

 Insured Patients

3. LDS Physiotherapy can direct settlement arrangements with many insurance companies; this means LDS Physiotherapy are able to invoice the insurer directly on the client’s behalf. It will be necessary for the client to supply us with their full insurance details when they register otherwise they will need to pay for their treatment on the day.


Responsibility for Payment

4. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that their Private Medical Insurance cover is adequate to pay for their treatments. LDS Physiotherapy recommends that client contact their insurance company before starting treatment, to clarify whether a medical referral is required, whether there are any terms, conditions and restrictions on their policy and then maintain regular contact with them (Insurance Company) to ensure on-going coverage otherwise the client will need to pay for their treatment on the day.

Although LDS Physiotherapy will invoice an insurance company directly on the client’s behalf; it remains their responsibility to ensure that claim forms are processed promptly. Should the insurer decline or delay payment for any part of the treatment, we will invoice the client for immediate settlement.

LDS Physiotherapy accepts direct payment arrangements only from the patient or a third party with whom we have a prior arrangement. Some client’s employers will agree to pay for any excess or shortfall payments but unless we have a prior arrangement with them in writing, the client must settle their account with LDS Physiotherapy and then recover the balance from their employer.

 Cancellations & Missed Appointments

5. When the client makes an appointment, an agreed period of time is held for them. Appointments that are cancelled, not attended (DNA) or rescheduled will be charged at the full fee if the client fails to give 24 hours notice of non-attendance. Please note that the clients insurance companies will not pay these charges and therefore the client will be invoiced directly.

Overdue Accounts

6. Interest at the rate of 8% will be an additional charge made to all invoices from the date they become due. LDS Physiotherapy understand and will exercise their statutory right to claim interest and compensation for debt retrieval costs under the late payment legislation if LDS Physiotherapy are not paid according to the above terms.

Data Protection

7. LDS Physiotherapy strictly abides by and adheres to the Data Protection Act 1998, which sets rules for the processing of personal information. It applies to both manual and computer records.Clients have the right to access information held about them either electronically or in paper format. Clients who wish to obtain this information will need to contact the LDS Physiotherapy Manager by email at who will arrange for the client to sign a Release of Medical Records Form. There will be an applicable administrative charge of £50.


8. LDS Physiotherapy requires the client consent both for processing client data and treatment. The clients signature on the Initial Assessment form confirms that the client has read and understood the terms and conditions and that client:

  • Consents to information including medical details about the client being processed for the purposes of treatments as a private client and the settlement of related expenses.

  • Consents to treatment by the physiotherapist in attendance.

  • Consents to having details, which are relevant to the client’s conditions and for which they are seeking treatment, to be shared with client’s GP/consultant on request.


9. LDS Physiotherapy is committed to maintaining strict confidentiality. This means that when accessing patient information LDS Physiotherapy looks at the following conditions:         

  • Justify the purpose.

  • Use patient identifiable information only if it is absolutely necessary and legally permissible.

  • Ensure that patient identifiable information is accessed only on a strict need to know basis.

  • Ensure that everyone with access to patient identifiable information is aware of their responsibilities.

  • Understand and comply with the Data Protection Act 1998